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Best or worst wedding advice

During the run up to your wedding and in the “honeymoon” years your will get lots of advice about how to have a successful marriage. Some of it will be good. Some not as relevant. We have been following a facebook page and site called “marriage” that has daily (or more frequent tips) on marriage. It is somewhat religious but not every update is religious based.  With that there are lots of great simple tips and updates that bring being married into context.

Some of the more recent updates that we like are:

  • “Being in love means never having to say you’re sorry.” Whoever said that is probably divorced! The truth is that husbands and wives must be quick to forgive and humbly seek forgiveness from each other. “I love you,” “I’m sorry” and “I forgive you” should be said often.
  • Love your spouse even when they’re being unlovable. When you promised “For better or for worse,” you promised to love them when they were at their best, but also when they are at their worst. Your love has the power to bring out the best in them and the best in yourself.
  • If you focus on trying to change your spouse’s flaws, then both of you will be frustrated, but if you focus your energy on trying to change your own flaws, both of you will benefit.

With the stress of planning a wedding these thoughts are words to live by. As you go through heated moments think of the big picture … this is about starting a lifetime together.

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Milton SNAP March Edition

Blink Of An Eye SNAP Milton

Blink Of An Eye SNAP Milton

Blink OF An Eye Photography would like to congratulate SNAP Milton! We are really honoured to be a part of this great local publication! Cover “snapped” by Blink of an Eye Photography 🙂 SNAP Milton is part of our overall community program where we support local community based organizations.  Within Milton Blink Of An Eye Captures many community events for SNAP.

We also work with Indigo Milton, Local Businesses and Restaurants for many of their events and charity programs. Blink Of An Eye has always been a strong supporter of the Oakville / Milton Human Society. We do their annual calendar, fund raising an other programs.

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The Unplugged Wedding


Unplugging your wedding?

In this day an age we live in an always connected world. We have phones, tablets, camera’s and all sorts of devices at every moment in our lives. Our kids will live in an world where images and connectivity are always present. So as you are planning your wedding have you considered asking your guests to disconnect before starting the day. No phones etc… during the ceremony or the reception (in between they can do as they like)?

We spend a lot of time seeing the world through our screens. It is kind of like watching live but on TV. Will your guests be much more encompassed by the moment if they truly participate and not just view your special day? It also reduces some issues and complications. Many weddings become more difficult for your wedding photographer and videographer when they have to compete with Aunt May to get that special picture. You have paid professionals to document the day and the last thing you want is to have an elbow from your high school friend get in the way.

It also reduces those “embarrassing” pictures of you taking a bite of dinner or that weird look when you were turning as the first memories that make it on Facebook for your family oversees. With digital images it is easy to share pictures of your special day afterwards with everyone so they can all keep those memories. If you do want some impromptu pictures there are services or apps that allow you to see the images captured for you instead of using personal phones. These can also be “released” at a certain time.

It isn’t for everyone but it might be something nice to consider … Is this one day a day to not view those special moments from an iphone screen. 🙂


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