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DIY Wedding Photographer


DIY Wedding Photographer

Sometimes due to budget or other reasons (destination weddings) you can’t have a professional wedding photographer. Generally we wouldn’t recommend it as after your special day those pictures will be what you have to cherish and share with friends, family, your children. But if you can’t than we thought we would share some advice we have and some advice that others have shared to make your pictures as good as possible.Oakville Milton Wedding Photographer

  • Plan ahead. Weather you are a professional or an amateur know what pictures and groups of people you want to get and have a list. It is very easy to forget something on the day of.
  • Before the big day practice in different lights. It is much different taking photos in bright sunshine than it is on a cloudy day or late at night at the reception. You don’t want your pictures to be blown out due to bright sunlight
  • Learn you camera and lenses. Depending on what type of camera you have there are many features that might be available to you. You will get better wedding photography if you understand what your camera can do. There are plenty of videos on youtube to learn the basics. Most cameras allow you to put them in a mode where you adjust one setting (like ISO) and the camera adjusts the rest. This can allow for some additional pictures that you wouldn’t have otherwise gotten.
  • If you are going to use a flash be careful, don’t point it right at someone.
  • Take lots of pictures. You have a better chance of getting everyone’s eyes open and capturing a wedding photo of a moment you weren’t expecting.

This article on the new your times has a few more tips as you get more advanced. Also make sure everyone has fun…


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